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Winning At The Job Interview

Interview coaching Melbourne
Interview skills training for confidence at your job interview

Interview coaching and interview training can build your confidence for your next job interview. With the benefit of expert guidance, you will know what to expect and you will feel much better prepared, so you can perform to your best at the interview.

If there’s one sad truth I’ve learned about job interviews from over twenty years of experience consulting in recruitment, it’s that the best person for the job does not always win it. Instead, it’s the person who knows best how to prepare and present themselves at the interview who so often wins the job.

Your interviewing skills will be just as important as your technical skills when you are trying to win the job that you want. The job interview is a very daunting experience for most people – and even more so if you are new to the job market or when you may have been  in the same job for some time and therefore not had to compete in the wider job market.

If you do not have much experience with job interviews, then you will be unfamiliar with what to expect ……. and therefore it is understandable that there will be anxiety and nervousness for you. This is where solid interview preparation and perhaps some interview coaching and interview training becomes important in helping you learn how to manage your interview anxiety.

You can’t trust the ability of the organisation’s interviewers to bring the best out of you at the job interview – YOU have to take responsibility to do this. You will find this site can offer you some of the interview training and guidance you need to approach interviews with much greater confidence.

So welcome to Interview Coaching  and I hope you discover plenty of job interview tips that will help you to more confidently navigate your way through the interview maze.

You might like to have a look at our pages which feature some great video clips offering you practical advice Building Interview Confidence  or perhaps Job Interview Preparation  or maybe The Job Interview

And if you are applying for positions within the APS, you might like to have a look at our Behavioural Interviewing in the APS page….  I share some tips from a training course titled  “Application & Interview Skills”, that I have  delivered within the public sector (for example, the Australian Taxation Office, and the Department of Defence). The page aslo lists some very useful public sector resource sites.

Looking for some interview coaching or interview training in Melbourne?

If you are based in Melbourne, Australia and are looking for an experienced interview coach to help you prepare and rehearse for a forthcoming job interview, then visit Interview Coach Melbourne for contact details and a description of the interview training service available.

Brian brings to the interview coaching role more than twenty years of experience consulting with public and private sector organisations, guiding them in their recruitment and selection interviewing practices. He has a sound understanding of what employers are looking for throughout the interview process.

A ninety minute intensive interview coaching session at his eastern-suburbs  Melbourne (Mooroolbark) office, in which you rehearse for the interview and gain expert feedback on how you are presenting, will cost you $220 + gst.  Phone (03) 9725 3777

Here’s a short video promoting my interview coaching service ….

job interview coaching and preparation

Interview coaching will give you an edge.  Call to enquire  (03) 9725 3777


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